European Book Talk and Performance Tour

I have just spent a wonderful 10 days in the UK giving author talks on my new book Tele-Improvisation: Intercultural Interaction in the Online Global Music Jam Session. My tour has so far taken me to Queen Mary University, London, Bath Spa University, and the University of Bristol. I finished off the UK leg yesterday with a lovely book launch at Furtherfield Commons, Finsbury Park, London followed by dinner with friends and collaborators I hadn’t seen for a while!




I have very engaged audiences for each session and I hope I am generating interest in the need for tertiary music schools to smell the coffee and start teaching students how to perform online to prepare them for the jobs of the future.

While in the UK I also had the good fortune to be hosted by Mac Dunlop and Annie Lovejoy of the Falmouth Independent School of Art. This visit resulted in a great afternoon of improvisation with pianist Mac Dunlop. Listen to an excerpt of the session here

Next stop Germany!


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