Musical Practices virtual spaces

I am chuffed to see ‘Musical Practices, Virtual Spaces,’ edited by Thomas Busch / Peter Moormann / Wolfgang Zielinski finally published. It comes from an international research project of the same name that was facilitated by the University of Cologne and the Grimme Institute as part of the Grimme Research College at the University of Cologne. My chapter Rhythm, Presence, and Agency: Defining Tele-Collaborative Space as a Site for Net Music Pedagogy’ describes a 2-year telematic music collaboration between students at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2011-2012. It underscores what I believe is imperative for music degree programs to give students hands-on experience of online musical collaboration. Thanks to the students who participated, Malcolm Riddoch who organized it from WA, and Kirsty Beilharz who allowed me to write it into the curriculum at the time!

Thanks also to Thomas Jackson Park for creating a fantastic web interface for readers to listen, and mix between the 2 unique streams generated from Sydney and Perth.
Listen here
Download book here


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