Telesound.net is the blog of composer and sound artist Roger Mills. It runs in parallel to my website and it is dedicated to exploring and documenting ideas, performances, and miscellaneous happenings in sound. The blog includes articles and reviews on electroacoustic music and sonic arts, as well as acting as a platform for internet broadcasting, and streaming of live networked performances.

Telesound.net updates my previous blog C0nc3ptu@lizaT1ons, which is now a repository of sketches of my work between August 2008 and October 2016.

The motivation for developing telesound.net is a perceived deficit of forums dedicated to networked music and audiovisual telematic art. Practitioners and theorists with an interest and experience in these areas are invited to contribute to a growing selection of articles and networked music and sound broadcasting.

If you are interested in contributing written articles or ideas for radio broadcasts, please send an expression of interest to:

eartrumpet1 [at] gmail [dot] com

Please join the mailing list for future updates.

Header image designed by kjpargeter / Freepik


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