Month of Sundays

Furthernoise ‘Month Of Sundays’ Telematic A/V Performances 


This page is an archive of the Month Of Sunday afternoon networked audio-visual performances curated by Roger Mills for in June 2006. It featured unique, networked a/v performances by international artists mixed in the online database platform VisitorsStudio. Each mix was performed from remote locations to audiences online, as well as at physical venues E:vent (London), Watershed (Bristol), and The Point CDC Theatre, (New York). The afternoon was concluded by a participatory A/V jam session with online audiences, as well as those in participating venues. The entire series was recorded in VisitorsStudio and available to experience from the following links.


4th June – Roger Mills & Neil Jenkins
Roger Mills and Neil Jenkins have collaborated on numerous networked audiovisual performances in VisitorsStudio developing a rich symbiosis in aesthetics manipulating found sounds and generative images. They use organic visual structures and sonic spaces to give their work an earthy, ethereal quality with an underlying melancholy.

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Neil Jenkins is an artist and programmer responsible for developing VisitorStudio in collaboration with He is particularly interested in the creation of generative audio-visual work, interactive online pieces, and installations that draw upon real-time data and visitor participation. Roger Mills is a musician and sound artist with an interest in networked music performance and developing collaborations over distance and across cultures.


11th June – Paul Wilson & James Smith
For ‘Month of Sundays’ Wilson and Smith produced an audio/visual ‘typography of place’ where field recordings are combined with reprocessed images and sounds made in the extreme environment of former weapons testing lab, Orford Ness.

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Paul Wilson and James Smith collaborate on a range of projects which centre around techniques of sonic typography: using linguistic and alphabetic processes and systems to convert images, places, and words into sound. Recent projects have included a commission for The Wire magazine where the publication’s covers of 2005 were reprocessed into a twelve-minute audio mix, and two installations for the upcoming ‘Paintwork’ exhibition at the Praxis Hagen gallery, Berlin where The Fall’s ’27 Points’ album cover has been translated into both sound and (moving) image.


18th June – John Hopkins
When life faces the fundamental transformation through death, passive memory becomes an active agent to guide the escaping spirit. This performance is an attentive exploration of the spirit’s future memory of its own passing and the complex of energies through which it must migrate alone’.

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A networker with more than a decade of remote-streamed visual-sonic performance work, John Hopkins has a background in engineering, hard science, and the arts, practicing a nomadic form of performative art and teaching around the world. He studied film with renown experimental film-maker, Stan Brakhage and video with Janice Tanaka and has made live network-based streaming visual-sonic performances in Europe, Canada & USA.

im_x_6925th June – John Kannenberg & Glenn Bach

Their Two Cities project began in 2003 using sounds, photos, objects and data collected on Glenn and John’s daily walking commutes to compare and contrast the environments of their respective hometowns.

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Chicago-based sonic and visual artist John Kannenberg works with a variety of themes including primal natural forces, spirituality, and mindful contemplation, melancholy and nostalgia, abstracted narrative tales, and the confluence of sonic and visual art. His major appearances include the Spark Festival 2006 (Minneapolis), sonic 2005 (Long Beach), ISEA 2004 (Tallinn), and the Placard Festival 2003 (New York). John is the creator and curator of, an experimental music label and digital art space presenting works by a diverse collection of artists from around the globe.

Based in Long Beach, California, Glenn Bach  is an active multidisciplinary artist influenced by the act of mindful walking and environmental sound, Bach has performed at Field Effects (San Francisco), the Big Sur Experimental Music Festival, and the Schick Art Gallery (Saratoga Springs, NY) and has curated a house concert series, Quiet (2003), the week-long festival (2005) and is the founder of the research group Pedestrian Culture. His current project is a poem sequence, Atlas Peripatetic, inspired by an extensive mapping of sounds on his morning walk.


Open Mix
The Open mix led by Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett (Furtherfield) live from E:vent Space (London) on the 25th of June and was the largest live online mixing collaboration of the series and featured simultaneous mixing from all three participating venues including Watershed, Bristol & The Point, New York.

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Thanks to all the participating artists, Neil Jenkins, Marc & Ruth, Gill at Watershed, Colm at E:vent, London, Alex Young, Joseph at the Point, Bronx NY, Femke Djong, Damien & Joanie from Cuisine & Ben & Stu (CAV) Bristol.

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