Sound Kitchen at World Sound Design, Taipei 2017

I am looking forward to performing a new iteration of my webcam sound mix performance Sonic Autopoiesis at the Sound Kitchen event as part of the World Stage Design Conference 2017 at Taipei, Taiwan. I will also be presenting works by the Ethernet Orchestra and recent telematic music research.

Download Program

World Stage Design 2017 runs between 1-9th of July and also includes the International Theatre Soundscore and Music Composition Exhibition, which also features three of my works. The exhibition will be held at the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts at the Taipei National University of the Arts.

Listen to selected works 

Sound Kitchen will run in the room T2103 of the Theatre and Dance building, Taipei National University of the Arts. For those of you following my work, Sonic Autopoiesis has been in development over the past 12 months with online performances at the AudioBlast Festival #4 in Nantes, France, February 2016 and the Basilisks underground placard headphones festival in Basel, Switzerland, October 2016.

The work is a live mix of self-generating sound streams from webcams from around the world. Each webcam produces an indeterminate soundscape of sonified local actions and events that will be layered and processed in real-time. It draws on the notion that our acoustic environments are spaces of interactive neural messaging that are sonified in the material actions they create. I have been experimenting with different soundcams and time-zones that elicit distinct soundscapes.

I am approaching this in a bit of an old school way of mixing individual live soundcam streams through Logic, which I have set up with plugin architectures that allow real-time and automated signal processing such as granulation, reverb, filters, volume, and panning.

Webcam Sound Used in this performance will include:

I couldn’t find any live sound cam streams in Taipei but have unearthed a 12-hour long recording of a street in New Taipei City, which I can draw on.


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