Oceans between Sound by Ethernet Orchestra released 01.03.2020


The first of March saw the release of the Ethernet Orchestra album, Oceans between Sound, published by the Chilean netlabel Pueblo Nuevo.

It is free to download and comes with fantastic artwork designed by Patsy Farrar that includes a fold-out sleeve and on-body CDR dis prints for collectors!

Thanks also to Caroline Meyers who designed the sleeve layout.

Download album here

It has been a tumultuous time with the COVID19 crisis coinciding with the release of the album. The silver lining to the virus (if there is one) is that it has pushed remote collaboration and online music-making to the fore, and we have gained a lot of interest in what we do. This interest has culminated in performers wishing to join the ensemble and radio and reviews of the album. While we welcome the interest in what we do, it is not, for one minute, to downplay the seriousness of the Coronavirus crisis, and we hope and wish everyone stays safe and well.

A selection of reviews and radio broadcasts:


Isotopica – An interesting radiophonic program on Resonance FM, London hosted by Simon Tyszko. Listen here


El Ruido es el Mensaje (Noise is the message) is an Argentinian blog and podcast produced by Franco Falistoco A. Read review and interview here


Recommended in Furtherlist 18 along with a range of dynamic culture straddling the fields of art, technology, and social change. Read 


Special recommendation by clongclongmoo, which features netlabel releases every week. View site.

Another exciting development to come out of the album is the generative mix engine that Thomas Parke constructed for us. 89911114_10158375506602806_8433176235680464896_o.jpg

The app randomly selects and loops track samples to create an evolving generative soundscape, accompanied by morphing images and video of the oceans and waterways from which the album track titles are named. You can also choose to manually mix these generative streams in the mixer bar beneath the interface for further indeterminate listening! Save the link below to open as a default browser window providing a unique screensaver.

Load the Oceans between Sound generative mix here. Open and click ‘load track’ under the video window.

Below is a short excerpt I recorded on my mobile phone from my computer but it gives you an idea of what it is like.

Ethernet Orchestra is continuing to jam on a weekly basis and working toward a series of online performances that include live net film soundtracks and collaborations with filmmakers and dancers in the months to come, so watch this space for further details.


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